Management for Engineers Dersi Chaper Soruları ve Cevapları(Question2.1)

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  • Question2.1
  • Joe Engineer took a course while going to graduate school at SUNY‐Buffalo. There, he learned the importance of  He knows that luck plays a big role in one’s life. But he is convinced that proper planning will help him to have an orderly progression in his career. He thinks that it would be cool to become a CEO at the age of 60 and retiring at 65 with a net worth of $10 MM. He wants some guidance on career planning. How can you help him?       


        Everything starts with good planning. He should apply for a PHD while developing a good plan taking to consideration his retirement age, the type of company he will like to work for( or start his own if he has the funds). The positions he can handle, his role, and develop a plan B and plan C. He should:

  • Make a  plan of companies he will like to work for, positions he can hold, the salary he expects, towns or countries preferred, climatic and health considerations, benefits of the companies, etc.
  • Develop plans B and C even D in case of any failures
  • Make a detailed study of preferred companies
  • Apply online or in-person
  • Apply for PHD and other studies (Learning never ends)
  • Start thinking of setting up his own business in case all these fail or other factors come to play

Below is a simple summary


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