ILE282: ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT (2nd Assignment) 2.5 Question Answers

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2.5 What are included in the operational guidelines some industrial companies have developed? Please advise.


  1. At beginning of each meeting, the training team members and facilitators should agree on and clearly state meeting purpose, review progress and achievements of previous meetings.
  2. Agree to focus on problem solving dialogue, while avoiding potential damaging debates.
  3. Recognize that conflict and diversity are assets to be maximized, not problems needing to be avoided and suppressed, and develop conflict resolution procedures.
  4. Agree on procedures that ensure that every voice is heard and that the problem-solving dialogue is focused, detailed, and productive.
  5. Agree on "a parking lot" for ideas that are not immediately relevant and useful; and revisit the parking lot during the debriefing process
  6. Do not “lump together” too many needs, problems, and priorities so that you end up with an unmanageable problem.
  7. Because the team may have to make some hard choices, develop a prioritizing process that is acceptable to all members. For example, agree on a method for selecting the five most important identified areas of improvement and then put the remaining issues in the "issue and idea parking lot.”
  8. Chunk" out action steps as often as possible in CONCRETE ways that demonstrate to the team and others that progress is being made. Do this as early in the process as possible to help get some momentum going for the team.
  9. Develop an orientation/mentoring process for members joining late in the process and for members who miss a meeting.
  10. At the midpoint of each meeting, the team facilitator will do process, progress, and product checks, helping to ensure that the problem-solving dialogue and interactions are healthy and productive.
  11. At the end of each meeting, the team facilitator and team members will debrief, summarizing progress, achievements, and barriers; celebrating successes; and identifying next steps.


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