ILE282: ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT (2nd Assignment) 2.2 Question Anwer

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2.2Joe Engineer took a course while going to graduate school at SUNY‐Buffalo. There, he learned the importance of planning. He knows that luck plays a big role in one’s life. But he is convinced that a proper planning will help him to have an orderly progression in his career. He thinks that it would be cool to become a CEO at the age of 60 and retiring at 65 with a net worth of $10 MM. He wants some guidance on career planning. How can you help him?


It will not be advisable for Joe to do this, because most companies will not take CEOs at the age of 60. At this age, their productivity is low, as well as efficiency, effectiveness and dynamicity. It will be degrading perhaps to a company and besides the chance to get such an offer is too slim. He should not rely on luck at all, let him take the job and switch to night school or online studies and he may still have the luck when he graduates and he would not have lost anything.

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