ILE282: ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT (2nd Assignment) 2.1 Question

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2.1  On the eve of leaving his alma mater, Joe Engineer remembers the encouraging words of the commencement speaker, “Graduation is the happy beginning of an exciting life ahead.” He is of course excited about his new Master of Engineering degree, which he received with honor. But he is also a bit confused about what to do now to make his new life exciting and happy. Apparently, what he needs is a road map into the future. How can you help him?


Everything starts with good planning. He should apply for a PHD while developing a good plan taking ito consideration his retirement age, the type of company he will like to work for( or start his own if he has the funds),  the positions he can handle, his role, and develop a plan B and plan C. he should:-

  • Make a plan of companies he will like to work for, positions he can hold, salary he expects, towns or countries preferred, climatic and health considerations, benefits of the companies, etc.
  • Develop plans B and C even D in case of any failures
  • Make a detailed study of preferred companies
  • Apply online or in person
  • Apply for PHD and other studies(Learning never ends)
  • Start thinking of setting up his own business in case all these fail or other factors come to play



Below is a simple summary


Challenges of engineering today



Engineering needs of tomorrow





The destination








A new profession

Narrow skill

Supply concerns


Low prestige

High value added




A learned profession

Practitioner trained


High prestige 






Knowledge base


Knowledge base


New paradigms

Innovation analysis

Obsolescence discipline

Expo. knowledge growth





Use driven

Integrated sci-tech

Cyber infrastructure

Stress on creativity

Discovery innovation 










New approach to Ed.

20th C curriculum

High attrition rate

Limited practice exposure

Unattractive to students

Value driven

Liberally educated

Value driven

Long life learner

Post graduate professional school

Liberal education pre-engineering


A roadmap to the future of engineering


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