Management for Engineers Dersi Chaper Soruları ve Cevapları(Assignment-4 And Answer )

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Question # 4.1 The company’s product promised to a major customer is running late and there was intense pressure on the production team to deliver the product. The Direction of Production was eventually told by the company President to “deliver or else.” The Director therefore decided to ship the product, even though it had not gone through all its testing procedures. Members on the product team were angry by the uncertainty in the functionality and reliability of the shipped product. The Director however insisted: “We will just have to take that chance.” As the Director of Production, how would you act differently?   Sampling tests could be done on a few samples: this will be less costly and consumes little or no time.      Question # 4.2 As advised by the company President, the Sales Department received a set of specific recommendations produced by an outside management firm to reorganize for maximum effectiv.....

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