Engineering Management Homework Questions Answers Question#5.8

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Engineering Management Homework Questions Answers Question#5.8
1. Two junior members or the production department unexpectedly come in to see you, the production director, to complain that their manager, who reports to you comments discrimination, practices favoritism, and misuses company facilities for possible personal gain. How would you handle this complaint?
Answer 1

1. Develop fair rules and consequences------------proper rules and regulations should be made and it should be followed and punnishment should be given on violation of rules and regulation.

2. clearly communicate policies--------------communication is the key link to sucessful disciplinary process.Rules and consequences must be well known by both those who apply them and those who subject to them.

3.Conduct a fair investigation-------------- listen to the accused employee story first. A preliminary interview should be conducted before giving punnishment to the employee.

4.Balance consistency and flexibility----------------------A flexibility should be maintained in all the process.disciplinary program seeks to treat workers in consistent manner.

5. Use corrective not punitive action----------After investigation if the incident is worth documenting .it is serious enough to take desciplinary action.


Answer 2 :

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2 Question - At present, the company is running at full capacity in developing of a new product for a major customer. The sales director has unexpectedly secured a small, but highly profitable, order, which requires some low-level development work and minor change to the current production process.


Answer :

2.This is the process of controlling under this manager has to take all the actions related to major actions are replacement of machiniary, appointment of workers, quality of raw material and rate of profit. The sales director has to take this order because profit is very high and it only require very small level development work and minor changes which cost very less in according to the profit . As in this order cost of production is also very less and the profit is very high . so the sales director must go for this order.

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