Engineering Management Homework Questions Answers Question#5.6

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Question # 5.6
The company president has noted a constant increase of reports passing on to him, many of them in traditional mails, others through the company’s Intranet. Most of these reports remain unread. He could find time to browse through some of them on airplanes, when he traveled for business. It has clearly become difficult for him to keep track of all developments due to an information over-load. However, he does not want to abandon his personal objectives of being constantly informed, or to ask his VP’s for summaries of major developments. What are the alternatives open to the company president?
According to me this challenge can be handled by throwing light at some of these points :
-Prioritisation- first and foremost step to get everything done ethically privatisation. The president must categorise the most important ones to be superior than the less important ones.
- trust in delegation - practically it is a fact that the president cannot go through all the reports and summarise them so he must trust his managers and coworkers to look upon the the rest of the reports and trust their actions
-phase wise improvement- the president can screen or cross check the the output given by the manager and give its final consent to the project or development
-Schedule the reports - another way out of this heavy situation is this scheduling of reports. President can set a schedule for certain reports along with the proper time management devoted to them m in order to to finish the work on time
-plan do not disturb time at the end of the day - at the end of the day the president must not engage in any new reports and should devote an hour or two to to the the work he did the whole day. Is time would act as the finalising time of the day.

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