Engineering Management Homework Questions Answers Question # 5.7

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Question # 5.7
The Production department is undergoing an upgrade of its automation program. It has a conflict which needs to be controlled and managed. The line supervisor wants to standardize on machines supplied by an American vendor, as his people will eventually use them. The Automation Team leader believes, on the other hand, that the Swissmade machines would result in greater productivity. Being a specialist in automation, she was brought in to the department to find ways of significantly improving productivity. The department head is at loss of what to do, as these two experts fight out in a staff meeting. He regrets that he has not kept up himself with the automation technology to enable him to arbitrate on the best way going forward. What should the department head do now?

The department head should show the qualities such as listening skills, better understanding, maturity and leadership too. First, he should give a chance to each of them to explain the pros and cons of the Machines supplied by american vendor as well as of swissmade ones.

The Department head listens to the points put-up by both of the person. Then, he should make a cost and productivity analysis based on the data provided by both of the team leaders. Moreover, he should also research himself about the American supplied machines and Swissmade machines unbaised.

Then, definitely he should be reach at a point where he can decide between the one between American supplied machines and Swiss made machines. But by chance he can't reach at a decision, he should show his research and analysis to both the team leaders. The team leaders should able to decide the choice based on the head's analysis on both the machines.

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