Assignment 6 (DL Week 9)

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Answer and discuss the following questions based on Chapter 10: Types and Forms of Organizational Change.


1. Discuss the resistance to change at the organization and individual levels that you will likely encounter.



Resistance to change at the organization level


There is a chance of threat and change in power structure due to change so top management thinks the relatively rigid form will safer for him and organization.


Change is resistance while rigidity is favored due to stability


Resource and knowledge constraint: As some typical organization faces such constraint it resistant to change.


There is a lack of sufficient knowledge regarding the required change, so it exerts inertia to change.


The sunk cost associated with the change


At individual level


Job security: fear to lose the job


change is the working environment due to change it exerts individual inertia


Lack of upgraded skill required to handle the change


Risk of losing role or status due to change


Ego satisfaction will go away with change


Lack of trust in a changing system


Following things to overcome obstacles to change


Participation and encouragement. Employee participation and decision making through consensus will build trust and reduce the uncertainty of any misconception encourage to change


Communicating and knowledge up-gradation. Provide upgraded technology and skill to the employee will benefit to organizational change and quickly adapt the new changes.

Negotiation and commitment to a better environment. Making employee committed with the work and giving rewards and support will enhance the changing process.

Effective leadership. It is one of a crucial component of change that reduces the fear and the changing process it creates a consolidated environment through job counselling sympathetic toward the employee and compensates any discouragement

Effective management. Well-design and effective managerial planning is required before invoking any change it will reduce the sunk cost and other transaction costs associated with the organizational change.


Apply appropriate power structure: A good amount of power is needed to initiate any change hence some power is required to reduce inertia to change and power and status shift.


2. Discuss some ways you can overcome obstacles to change to help your organization move to its desired future state.




There are proper way or method in which an organization has overcome an obstacle in an organization as follows:


Communication: Two way communicating between an organization has been result in to overcome the hurdle of an organization in a systematic and logical manner.

Employee involvement as it means that companies should involve an employee in taking a wise and logical decision. Feedback of an employee has been taken into a contact and proper result has been provided in logical manner.

Leadership as it means excellent leader quality should a manager pursued so that they can support, execute and provide best decision in a logical manner.

Negotiation as it means that to negotiate about the company changes with there employee and make changes according to requirements and situations

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