Engineering management Question # 5.4

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Question # 5.4
• Motivation in the Assembly Shop was high. However, 
the Shop Manager notices that while the daily 
production was above average for the Shop, it drops 
down to a low during the first hour after the lunch 
break. The problem was further diagnosed to be that 
the operators tended to continue socializing until well 
after the lunch break.The shop Manager changed the 
lunch break and staggered it over a two hour period, so 
that the operators could not go to lunch together. To 
his surprise, the motivation began to fall and 
productivity dropped dramatically.What do you think 
was the problem? How do you advise the Shop 
Manager to fix this problem?

Answer 1

Q 5.4 ) The shop manager should immediately return back to the 1 hour lunch break policy . The shop manager noticed a decline in motivation and productivity after introducing 2 hour lunch break period because in the earlier 1 hour lunch break policy ,the workers were together during lunch time and relaxed during the break hour . This was much needed to the workers and it provided them motivation to continue to work for the rest of the day . In the 2 hour lunch break policy the workers were unable to socialize with each other and this was the main reason for declining motivation and productivity . To overcome this problem the shop manager may introduce overtime if the situtation requires because of low productivity during the first hour after lunch break .

Answer 2

Being shop manager to be concerned about this issue is obvious. But he must understand that people are not machines to work continuously and this factor must be considered in production output. But I agree that of course it is not an execuse. So now I will advise to try with interpersonal skills first of all. Manager must spend some time during lunch with them and try to bring their focus on lunch break is over now and lets get back to work. By mingling with them or to be part of team if you can explain people what is organization's expectation by setting an example or leading form the front, it really works and help things get back on track without any controversies.

As this thing involves employee motivation, hence above way is the best way to retain that. If now with the help of next approaches it is very sensitive to retain motivation. If it is not effective, I would suggest Shop Manager to notify their team leader or issue a notice that we are exceeding lunch break tenure allotted to us and hampering our productivity. And to make things profitable and stable we must complete our duties which we are assigned with. If still these things dont work out I will involve HR manager if existing in the organizational structure to interact and will try to follow next hierarchy to get these things sorted out with consideration of employee motivation.

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